Libyan ambassador dead photos

A Libyan participates in a protest against Ansar al-Shariah, a militia of Islamic extremists, and other Islamic militias in Benghazi, Libya on Friday. According to the Getty caption for the image below, the photo shows Libyan civilians attempting to help Stevens following the overnight attack. Attack also left three other Americans dead. Laura Meckler has details on Markets Hub.
IS militants and armed residents from the city have been fighting continuously, he said, adding that Sirte was also being hit by air strikes. The rioters are reported to have fired gunshots and rocket-propelled grenades at the consulate, angered over an English-language film that mocked the Muslim prophet Muhammad and labeled him a fraud.

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Libyan ambassador dead photos
A battle between Islamic State group jihadists and local gunmen in Libya has left scores dead.

Chris Stevens died in hospital.

Libyan ambassador dead photos 2
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